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Vintage inspired nursery ideas

With a little owlet on the way, I find myself asking, what on earth does a little boy’s nursery look like?!

I had a mental plan in my head for a lovely white nursery embellished with some bold lovely retro floral fabrics, think (Modflowers or My Rainbow Vintage Home for inspiration).

Oh, it would all be so lovely and so Pinterest-worthy, but with a little boy owlet, that doesn’t really seem fair, that’s what I want, not what a little boy would probably like to see.

So I’ve spent a few weeks scouring the internet looking for nursery inspiration, which of course, Pinterest has been the perfect tool for.

I’ve been scouring the web (mainly eBay and Etsy) for vintage or vintage-inspired fat quarters, and, in the course of a few weeks I’ve veered from roads, cars and aeroplanes (too boyish?)

Transport fabric fat quarters

…to retro space rockets and robots (awesome obviously but maybe not cute or bright enough?)

rockets print

space and robots


…to dinosaurs (maybe a bit restrictive?)

retro style dinosaur fabric


What I really want though, is a theme which will be bright and attractive to tiny baby eyes so that he has lots to look at when he is laying, and probably not sleeping, in his cot. So I’ve sought inspiration from two designers who I’ve been a fan of for some time.

Ingela Arrhenius, is an amazing Swedish illustrator who I’ve loved since I discovered some greetings cards by her several years ago. Her illustrations are 50s inspired, bold, and always lovely bright colours. I added one of her posters to my board when I was planning a space theme…

Ingela Arrhenius space poster


A little investigation of her work in some more detail showed that her animal designs are probably the cutest and loveliest thing you’ve ever seen…

Ingela Arrhenius Lion poster


You can buy this poster here.

I was also recently investigating Jane Foster, for my previous blog post, and discovered that she also sells a really delightful lion screenprint…

Jane foster Lion screenprint


You can buy this screenprint on Etsy here.

So you can imagine what I was thinking… I’ve finally settled on a theme!

I’ve since bought the Jane Foster print and a similar Ingela Arrhenius one…

Ingela Arrhenius Animal Party poster


As well as a few fat quarters…

retro lion print

Buy this fabric on Etsy here.

Lion and other animal graphic print

You can buy these fat quarters on Etsy here.

I like the fact that these are all different, really bright, and a good start. I’m going to use the fat quarters to make some little drawstring bags to keep bits and bobs in and hopefully get the prints frames in a nice bright frame – what do you think?

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still interested, my Pinterest board can be found here. Vintage inspired baby boys room.



3 comments on “Vintage inspired nursery ideas

  1. Forever Bound Art
    February 3, 2014

    Very cute ideas. Of course my first thought when going vintage for a young man would be the tried and true Cowboys and Indians.

    • antiqueowl
      February 3, 2014

      Thanks! Yes, cowboys was an option too, maybe when he is a bit older, I like the idea of having an indoor teepee!

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