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Owling abroad: HCMC Reunification palace

Back in 2011 we travelled to Vietnam for our honeymoon, travelling between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. On top of some stunning french colonial architecture, amazing food and some beautiful scenery we visited some really interesting sights.

One of these was the Ruinification palace in Ho Chi Minh city…

P1020293 P1020295

Construction of the palace started in 1962 and it was completed in 1966. The Palace was home to the president of South Vietnam during the war, the outside to me looks completely indicative of the era, like something straight out of a Gerry Anderson show!

P1020307 P1020316

These architectural details were designed to resemble Bamboo, but also server the practical purpose of  keeping the insides shady despite having floor to ceiling windows.

P1020298 P1020308

I loved the lines of this staircase in the middle of the palace and being a stickler for details the side view of the staircase with the wonderful wood stairs poking through the sides to create a beautiful geometric pattern was truly spectacular. Plus the dark wood and mint green – so chic and so 60s!

P1020346 P1020344

On top of this the palace also boasts some really lovely furniture such as these gorgeous wooden chairs tables and rocking chairs made out of teak and with circular cut outs.


This room has a Mondrian-inspired look and feel with the wall shelves and layout, but its the circular chair in the centre which really took my breath away – lovely!

P1020341 P1020343

Look how gorgeous and sumptuous these padded leather doors are, the doors to the Cinema I might add. Also check out the view straight through those doors to the helicopter outside. Amazing.

P1020318 P1020339

Some of my favourite details though had to be the lighting, either in wall lights or amazing glass chandeliers, I love the use of glass and metal along with the wood and other materials, especially with the organic shapes.

P1020301 P1020335

Last but by no means least some more of my favourite details – it was at the point that I was taking photos of the carpet that our tour guide became the most exasperated with me slowing down progress on her tour but seriously – it needed to be recorded! Also check out the amazing modernist door header with turtles and a sun shape – so mid-century and so beautiful!

Have you ever been on holiday and found some vintage gems?

You can find out more about The Reunification Palace here or let Google Translate pick up some of the slack and check out the official site which includes a lot of information about the architecture.


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