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Hemswell Antique Centre, Part 2

This Easter weekend we went on a really nice UK road-trip up to Leeds, somewhere in the UK we’ve never been before, to visit the absolutely amazing Yorkshire Sculpture Park which I wholeheartedly recommend to everybody – the Yinka Shonibare exhibition, the grounds and the amazing works create a wholly fulfilling day out.

Anyway, on the way home yesterday we stopped off at Hemswell Antiques centre, a huge complex of antiques stores just outside of Lincoln. I’m impressed that it was open on a Sunday, let alone Easter sunday, and was even more impressed with the selection of furniture, jewellery, ceramics and glass that they had on offer.

Retro 1970s lamp

I loved this orange retro lamp which was like something out of a sci-fi film from the 60s.

Hornsea bamboo vase

If any of you are fans of Mad Men then you’re likely to have seen the giraffe prints which hang in the hallway of Pete and Trudy Campbell’s flat? This Hornsea vase would go perfectly with those prints! I want it! And I want the giraffe prints too!

Mickey Mouse toys

These are terrifying but incredibly old Mickey Mouse toys from the 1930s which were on sale for close to £900, not sure I’d be able to have them in my flat – if I stumbled on them in the night I’d run away screaming.

Wind up kitten toy

On the other hand this kitten toy is 100% cutenesss – I’d pay good money just for the box design alone, but the kitten with the wind up key still with it – gorgeous!

1950s tea-set

A really lovely 1950s tea set – I loved this, it was a really heavy piece and the tray was in great condition

Royal Copenhagen scandinavian ceramic vase

I love Royal Copenhagen and the overlayed blue and brown floral design was stunning, it was a good size too, i love lots of lovely ornate coloured glass vases but more often than not you need a collection of them as you’d only be able to get one stem per vase – this one would be much more usable!

Vintage industrial metal drawer unit

Last but by no means least check out this amazing vintage metal industrial drawer unit – cleaned up this would look absolutely stunning in the front room and should never be relegated to a garage ever again.

You can find out more, and follow Hemswell antiques on twitter using this link, or online here.



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