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Katie’s Attic, Henlow, Hertfordshire

We’ve recently been travelling a lot between Bedford and Hitchin in Hertfordshire in the hunt for a new house, which has meant that on more than one occasion we’ve driven past this cute little vintage shop in Henlow, right next to the RAF base.

Katie's Attic Henlow

Katie’s Attic is a relatively small shop with lots of house clearance furniture, and not lots of little pieces to show you, but there was one thing I just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention.

Amazing wooden filing cabinet

This absolutely gorgeous wooden filing cabinet was nearly as tall as me (well up to my shoulders) and was in lovely condition, even down to the original files to go inside. I’m always after filing cabinets and was besotted with this, but unfortunately our current flat is too small for such a a large thing!

Lets hope we get the house of our dreams in Hitchin and then I’ll have an excuse to pick this up – for the craft room!


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