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Discovery: Tom Eckersley

I love Pinterest -just when you think you’ve een everything and you dont know where to go for new inspiration something will turn up on there which will lead you on a whole new journey of discovery.

I recently came across some amazing illustrations by an illustrator called Tom Eckersley…

Tom Eckersley travel poster

I love the bold graphic designs, which immediately speak of another era entirely – the Boeing poster above is gorgeous and reminds me of old cinifilms of my grandparents holidays in the 1960s when travel was just becoming something for the middle classes, more easily available, more exciting, more exotic.

Tom Eckersley Stow Tools Safely

The poster above is from 1942 and was designed for the Ministry of Labour and National Service. I love the perspective and the message here.

Tom Eckersley Long Hair is Dangerous

Tom Eckersley worked across a number of decades to produce posters and his designs were loved by advertisers themselves, as well as governmental posters, he designed for the BBC, British Petroleum, WWF, London Transport, the Post Office, Guinness, Gillette and many more.

Tom Eckersley Gillette advert

I love the collage style which reminds me of amazing vintage children’s books. Below are some of my favourite examples of his work – namely – the ones including cool-ly illustrated animals. So graphic, so cool, so cute.

You can find out more about Tom Eckersley on Wikipedia here – or about the University of the Arts collection of Eckersley’s work.

Tom Eckersley Toucan                 Tom Eckersley Puffin

Tom Eckersley Rainforest poster

tom-eckersley 1983 Tiger              Tom Eckersley WWF Panda poster

Tom Eckersley Kennel Club poster

Finally, if you want to see a Tom Eckersley design for your self, just head down to Finsbury Park station where his duelling pistols tile artwork is displayed… amazing.

Tom Eckersley duelling pistols Finsbury Park


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