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The owl’s new tiny telephone table

As you can imagine I follow a lot of antiques dealers, vintage fans and shops on twitter and other social media. It’s a great way to find out more about what different stores stock and also about what kinds of things they generally have available.

Twitter’s helped me to find a few stores I really love and I’ll be posting some more about who to follow on Twitter soon, but before I do I wanted to introduce you to my awesome new vintage telephone table!

Telephone table

Isn’t it gorgeous? I bought it from a seller who I’ve been following and speaking to on Twitter and Facebook for some time now, Vicki from Blakeley Browns. Even though I’ve never set foot in their store (they’re based in Birmingham, which is quite a drive from me) Vicki posts pictures of new stock on Twitter first, as like a lot of small sellers their website doesn’t currently have a shop element.

When I saw this pop up on twitter, I tweeted and DM’d Vicki straight away, and a few emails and a quick phone call later we’d agreed postage and it was on it’s way to me!

One of the things I love most about this piece is that it’s so tiny – living in a flat you’re always looking for ways to save space!

Pull out chair

The telephone table comes with a really cool pull out stool, somewhere handy to sit when you’re on the phone which can easily be tucked away again when you’re not using it!

I have to say that my mum, of all people, pointed out to me that I dont actually even have a home phone (we use our iPhones for literally everything) but I still think its a charming bit of furniture for a hallway when you dont have much space, and the pull-out stool makes somewhere you can easily sit and pull your boots on in the morning!

Pull out list of numbers

You may remember in my other post, eBaying – with style! I advised to look for quirks or things which make you smile. Well I love this little pull out message board, tucked into the top of this piece. With a whiteboard marker you can keep important numbers, messages or just doodle while you’re on the phone. Its little details like this which really add to the charm of an object.

You can follow Vicki on Twitter using @blakeley_browns or visit the website. The shop also has a lovely story as Vicki has taken up the business from her dad who set up his first shop back in the 70s – great to see a family run business still going strong after all this time!

P.S in case anybody’s wondering what the little ornament on top of the table is, its a Jibibuts Artist Series toy from Noferin, designed by Squink. You can find out more about Jibibuts artist series here, or more about Squink here. You can buy Jibibuts from Designer Toy Store.


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