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Northern Soul style

I love Northern Soul music, what a joyous sound! Northern Soul is a bit of a rabbit hole though in terms of knowing much about it, there are proper collectors who spend their lives seeking out rare imports of seminal records – if only I had enough time to dedicate!

What I wanted to show you this morning was this beautifully shot short film all about the Northern Soul all-nighter. Back in the 60’s up north there used to be a number of venues such as Wigan Casino which would play imported soul tunes all night. Everyone would get dolled up and bust out their best moves on the dancefloor until the very early hours, very often powered by something a little stronger than booze – it was the 60s after all.

It’s about a year old but I’ve ever seen it before and it’s beautiful, let me know what you think – the outfits! The dancing! The hairdos! I wish I could have been there!

Below are some stills I’ve taken, but make sure you watch the full thing on Vimeo!

Record bagAt the barDancing 3DancingDancing 2Dancing 4

More information:

This is a great little article and interview about Northern Soul on This is Leicestershire, of all places!

And you can see lots of original badge designs here.

Northern Soul Wigan Casino Badges


Perhaps the best known Northern Soul track is Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) which we played at our wedding. Originally there were 250 demos of the record pressed, but Frank Wilson decided he would rather produce than be a singer so most of them were destroyed. It’s thought that there are maybe as many as 5 of the records in the world, and in 2009 one sold for  £25,742 making it one of the rarest and most collectable records ever. It’s a great story (if you’re a record geek like me) and you can find out more on wikipedia. Thankfully due to the magic of  Spotify and YouTube it’s no longer difficult to get hold of (it was re-released by Tamla Motown in the 70s)and you can give it a listen using.


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