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Cakestand and Crumb, Ampthill

I’ve recently started writing for another local blog, Vintage Bedford and MK which is a great, one stop shop for all things vintage related in Bedford and Milton Keynes. It’s owner, Kate also runs her own little blog a bit like mine Your Vintage Life which is gorgeously written and includes lots of lovely pictures of vintage attire and decor.

Anyway, Kate recently sent me off to report for Vintage Bedford and MK on a lovely little cake shop in Ampthill for her – you can find the blog here. One of the up-sides of writing for another blog is that I get to meet lots of likeminded people who love their vintage and are really passionate about what they do. Plus I get to add lots and lots of lovely pictures here for your delectation!

I met Mandy from Cakestand and Crumb in Ampthill last week. Not only a purveyor of exceptional cakes, her little teashop is also full of vintage nicknacks which are all for sale – joys!


Browsing with a cuppa and cake – what better way to spend a sunday afternoon?!


I love this painted vintage cabinet full of curiosities, there was a really lovely coffee set which you can just see. It has a gorgeous geometric design, very similar to a Meakin set I’ve seen before.

Vintage books

I’m a sucker for old books: the covers! The typefaces! These are such gorgeous colours and I love the design of the Kon-Tiki Expedition book spine. Gorgeous.

Corgis and Glass jugs

Look at this little guy – what a cutie!


Keep telling myself I dont need any more vintage mirrors in my life. I dont. Really.


The shop also sells a number of handcrafted items made by local sellers, I love Scrabble so these scrabble tile rings are lovely, especially when they spell out such a lovely message! The shop also runs beginners crochet classes, so I’m likely to be joining one in January, hopefully I’ll be able to learn the art of granny squares, learning crochet from a book is just impossible!

Last but by no means least, I walked away with 6 fabric table placemats which are really lovely. I’m a sucker for vintage fabric at the best of times but generally dont really know what to do with it. So it’s nice when they come with a pre-designed purpose! These have a really folksy, homely, skandi style to them, what do you think?


P.S – You can also follow Cakestand and Crumb on Facebook here.


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