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G-Plan Vintage by Wayne Hemmingway and co

Readers of the blog will know what a huge fan I am of G-Plan furniture. I’ve featured my sideboard on the blog before and also have an “astro” coffee table which is pride of my front room.

You can imagine how excited I was then, when I turned the page of Grazia this morning to see a double page spread all about Wayne Hemmingway‘s new collaboration with G-Plan, named G-Plan Vintage!

The article is an interview with Wayne’s Daughter Tilly who helped to design the collection, and includes some gorgeous pictures of her London abode – she has an awesome melamine kitchen table and metal frames kitchen chairs shown in the pics below…

I have to say I love it! All of the pieces are updated versions of original G-Plan pieces given a modern twist, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with The Fifty Five, the colour of the green marl fabric, the colour of the wood, the atomic era shape everything about it is perfect!

I’ve been looking for the perfect sofa for some time now so The Fifty Three has just rocketed straight up to the top of my list, I’d usually struggle to justify such a hefty price tage for a sofa but on this occasions I’m scheming some savings plans! Plus it’s G-Plan so it’ll last a lifetime!

Find out more about the collection over at the G-Plan Vintage microsite, and buy it at John Lewis – just dont buy them all before I can save enough! 😉


P.S – While on an online expedition in and around the lands of Hemmingway design I came across this amazing vintage-inspired wallpaper, “Do the Stretch” is my favourite, what’s yours?


2 comments on “G-Plan Vintage by Wayne Hemmingway and co

  1. Mark
    January 11, 2013

    I love atomic furniture but then I am very fickle. Ten years ago I despised it.

  2. antiqueowl
    January 11, 2013

    Hi Mark – thanks for commenting! I think there’s definitely a growing trend for atomic furniture at the moment for sure, I’m very keen on it for it’s designed plainness and use of the materials – using wood and metal and fabric in ways that I’m my head seems the most fitting for the piece. I prefer it to fancy antique furniture (beautiful in their own right – just not for my home!)

    P.S I had a sneak peak at your website – lovely stuff!

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