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Vintage fun and thrifting finds in Bath

We recently spent a couple of days in Bath, by way of a mini summer holiday break and for our wedding anniversary. We have been there before and I have to say that at least half of my motivation was because I know Bath has a raft of great vintage and charity shops.

I can never resist a good rifle through shops when I’m somewhere new and Bath always turns up a few gems!

This little beauty was sat in the window of a charity shop for £15. I love ugly fish designs, and this one was really nicely done. That and the juxtaposition between the fish and the rather gentile porcelain design. I love it!

Following my recent post about wedding thrifting this is a great find. Lots of vintage bottles in a charity shop, all less than £5 each and individual. What a catch!

We picked up this awesome card game made in the 60s with beautiful 40s style illustration.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come with the rules but they’re readily available online and very complicated! We picked this up for £7 and although the box is a little beaten up I’ve seen these for sale online for £30! Bargain!

I loved these glasses which were really heavy, especially with their jug which would look awesome on the table during a meal. Also check out the gorgeous mock-croc handbag next to them – I’m a complete sucker for a vintage handbag!

We stumbled across a really awesome little shop called Vintage to Vogue which sells some great vintage clothes and bits and bobs. Outside they have a really cool little shed packed with interesting bits and pieces which you could easily spend ages rummaging through.

Inside was a bit of a different story with tons of beautiful vintage clothes, the first rail I visited had a gorgeous patterned Marni coat which would have been mine if it wasn’t a size 16 and much too big!

Top hats, blazers and bow ties. It’s rare that you find a vintage shop with so much stuff for men. The ones I’ve come across in London tend to be very kitsch and mostly full of 80s stuff, this has The Chap written all over it…

I also picked up this really really lovely compass and map measure in Vintage to Vogue, which I believe to be either 40s or 50s. Its such a nicely made thing and has it’s original box and instructions.

The measure works by running it along your map using the little wheel at the bottom- to find out the distance a little hand runs around on the inside.

I’ll shortly be adding this to my Etsy shop, hopefully someone will snap it up but if not, its such a lovely thing I wont mind keeping hold of it 😉

This store on eBay is selling some similar but they aren’t as nice in my opinion – this one is perfect quality!


4 comments on “Vintage fun and thrifting finds in Bath

  1. reretro
    August 28, 2012

    i WANT the pathfinder…it’s gorgeous. i’m waiting by your etsy store…

  2. antiqueowl
    August 28, 2012

    Oh thanks so much! I’m afraid with a bank holiday weekend the time rather got away from me and I didnt manage to get it on there. It should be up by the weekend though!

  3. mancunianvintage
    September 4, 2012

    Great little finds!

  4. antiqueowl
    September 5, 2012

    Thanks so much Mancunianvintage – love your blog too!

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