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Wedding thrifting

I cant entirely believe I’m writing this but last Sunday was my and my husband’s first wedding anniversary! I’m not entirely sure how a year can have passed so quickly and my memories of the day still seem so vivid!

In celebration I thought I would write a little wedding-inspired blog about my mismatched vintage floral displays and how I went about choosing them. We had a beautiful venue of Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset, home of one of our favourite music festivals, End of the Road.

To fit with the beautiful gardens I wanted something mismatched which would create different kinds of floral displays so set about looking for posy vases and similar which would create that garden party feel. I had literally everyone looking for suitable vases and my mum managed to pick up loads at car boot sales and antiques fairs!

I went for ceramic vases wherever I could instead of glass because I wanted a variety of designs and styles which would mismatch, the only place I went for glass was on the two mantlepieces which needed larger displays and flower arrangements in order to stand out.

I dug out and chose a number of different vintage glass bottles with varying designs, but I mixed them with some larger ceramic vases to make sure it didn’t look too neat and tidy 😉

This display includes different vintage bottle styles as well as a Sylvac vase with a cool retro transfer design on it. You can typically pick these kinds of vases and bottle up fairly easily for around £4 at car boot sales and some antiques places, but they are expensive on ebay as the postage nearly doubles the cost.

On this side I added a craft pottery vase with a bird, and another (but different) Sylvac vase. Each of these bottles or vases were around 10 to 15 inches in height – so not huge but big enough to add impact.

For the tables I went with a mismatched assortment of 5 vases per table…

Each table included a a really cute Wade bird and tree vase which come in a variety of colours, I spent weeks scouring eBay and charity shops for these, and you can find more on eBay using this link, I had a couple of white ones which are really nice if you’re looking for something more traditional.

Being from the westcountry I was very swayed towards any vases which I found to be from Newton Abbot, or any of the potteries around that way, but I wasn’t too choosy, just as long as they were all different and each table had a good selection.

We also worked with the florist a little to work out what kinds of flowers I wanted and I showed her a scrapbook with things that I liked in it, but ultimately she had free reign over what went in each vase and she did a brilliant job.

The best part of having so many vases as well is that  there are so many and, if you’re doing it right, they shouldn’t have cost you too much, so you can easily pass them to friends or family to take home at the end of the night. My mum took all of the vases back to the holiday cottage where my family were staying and it was covered with flowers in all of the rooms for the rest of our stay which was a lovely reminder.

You can view more of the gorgeous photos from our wedding online at our photographer’s blog, Big Bouquet who took the awesome photos above.

P.S. You may be wondering why we named our tables the way we did – we’re such fans of music we couldn’t settle on specific albums for our tables so had to make do with genres! You can find out about the music at our wedding on Hi Fi Weddings Blog where we got featured!


4 comments on “Wedding thrifting

  1. thrifthangover
    August 9, 2012

    Love how simple and romantic your flowers turned out!

  2. antiqueowl
    August 9, 2012

    Thanks so much – hope you enjoy the blog!

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