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G-Plan sideboard and vinyl toys

I’ve been everso slightly obsessed with g-plan furniture for a while now. It started with a pair of  side tables which we bought at Nana Dobbie in Lostwithiel, followed swiftly by an astro coffee table from a small antiques shop in Sussex, and has snowballed from there.

Some people join dating sites, others like snooping in other people’s homes via Rightmove; I like scouring eBay for G-Plan, and then moaning that it’s all “local collection only”.

However when we were at Skally Dog Emporium in St Albans the other week we stumbled across a couple of awesome sideboards which were in great condition. We’ve been talking about replacing one particular shelving unit in our front room for some time now, so this was perfect timing and fitted perfectly.

Even better than that, the seller at Skally Dog offered to deliver it to us, for free the next weekend! So last saturday it all arrived, he even helped us get it upstairs in our flat!

G-Plan typically comes in modular pieces which you need to attach together, and getting the top part of this onto the base unit was a little tricky, especially as we didn’t want to scratch it at all. This is my other half screwing the two pieces together.

I’m so pleased with it, all of our DVDs are finally tidied away neatly and we can display our lovely bits and pieces. What do you think?

I’m so pleased to have all of our stuff in there now, especially to be able to show off some of our toys (antiques of the future I think!) and photos.

The glass cabinet at the top is perfect for all of our bits and pieces, at the moment we’ve got our Gemma Correll illustration in there as well as some pics and kokeshi dolls, but this might have to come out so it can be seen a little better!

I’ve now put a little graphic print runner in there which I got from Japan. I think it adds to it’s retro look and it means I get to use the fabric which would othewise be sat waiting for me to get the sewing machine out (it would be waiting a long time).

Just in case anyone is interested the yinyl toys on the sideboard are as follows:


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