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Fleetville Vintage Emporium, Part 2!

I had such a great time at Fleetville Vintage Emporium the other week that I had much too many pictures to go into a single post, so I wanted to put up a few other bits and pieces which I found while there!

I think it’s really important when a seller makes an effort with their displays. I’m currently selling on Etsy and always make sure that my items are cleaned and in their best condition. It upsets me a bit when the pieces I’ve bought at vintage stores haven’t been cleaned or at least dusted and people still expect you to buy them!

The seller above really made an effort with this display though and I loved the range of bits. I wanted to come home with this collection of yellow enamelled saucepans shown on the top shelf, they were really great looking, but unfortunately a bit of damage meant that they would have to be decorative only – such a shame – you should be able to use kitchenallia if you buy it!

I loved these J&G Meakin coffee cups, with their bold designs. The set on the left of the screen is called the Allegro pattern, and I actually came home with four of these which are up on my Etsy shop for sale now – hope you like them!

Vintage stuff always seems to have a certain amount of playfulness and humour I think this is why I find it so charming. These little retro pink elephant shot glasses were great with their fat little bellies and smiling faces, lets just not dwell too long on that scene from Dumbo, ok? Terrifying.

Finally, I came across one stall which had a range of glug jugs in all shapes and sizes. The small white one you can see in the front was approximately 7 inches high! I love these because they’re so close to being grotesque but they’re so fun. My parents have one, and they’re not rare, but a lot of them were made by Dartmouth Pottery, so it’s my part of the world too!

You can find these pretty easily, and on eBay, and they look great used as vases. I’ve also stumbled across this great little site devoted to Gluggle Jugs this morning, enjoy!


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