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Fleetville Vintage Emporium, St. Albans, Part 1!

What better to do when you have an extra day at the weekend than to spend it looking for vintage and antiques!

I used some of the spare time on this Bank holiday weekend to take a (not-insignificant) drive to St. Albans, approximately 40 minutes away from us by car, on the tip off that there is a newly thriving little vintage scene happening there.

I had planned to take in the sights of the city centre but on arrival at Fleetville Vintage Emporium, spent rather more time snooping around than I had anticipated and didn’t get very far!

Its a pretty huge store with lots of pitches inside ranging from records, clothes and homewares to furniture and books. I had to make notes as I walked round to make sure I didn’t forget or miss anything! I spent so long there though that I did come out a little bit Beatles’d out. I must have heard several albums worth!

I love the artwork for the Objective Lune Tintin comic especially the images when the rocket takes off, so it was exciting to see an original poster. Unfortunately this one was damaged slightly in the corner but at £20 it’s probably still worth it, it would be very cool in a child’s bedroom.

I had to include this bunny, just because I felt a little sorry for it. I still do. I should have brought him home! Poor little tatty bunny…

I completely fell in love with these melaware glasses with their tray. This set was in great condition and looked as though it had hardly been used, the round glasses were an awesome shape and weren’t chipped at all which is a bonus!

I loved this retro fish paperweight made of resin and dried sea creatures!

I nearly came away with some of these table runners and cloths which were just so gorgeous, but I seem to buy fabric and then not really know what to do with it (I have a sewing machine which has never been used – yet!)

These were around the £15 mark which I think seems like a good buy, especially with the range of colours and the vintage, welsh-tapestry style patterns.

I really loved this display with the juxtaposition of the 50s cat figures, wooden east asian figure, glass fish figure and also, in the background, an owl!

Just a range of stuff right next to each other, this is why I love vintage and antiques! Nothing makes sense!

I have so many more pictures that Fleetville warrant another blog all to themselves, more to come!


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