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Junk Shops… The Apprentice

Now I know I’m fairly late to the party on this one, but not having a telly at home means I’m always playing catch up on BBC iPlayer. That means that I’m always a least a week behind on any of the programs that are on. I watch things in the wrong order! It’s a bit of a nightmare but preferable to having a huge lazy pieces of furniture chirping away in the corner at all times.

When I saw that episode 4 of The Apprentice was to do with buying and selling vintage I knew I had to tune in and pay attention. But I have to say unfortunately it filled me with dispair!

I was really excited to see that they were going to The Old Cinema in London, somewhere that’s been on my “must visit” list for a long time now, but on hearing that these guys were going to be given shop space in Brick Lane actually had me reeling! As a budding seller I appreciate that I’m going in on a burgeoning market at the moment, so the question of how and where to sell has always been in the front of my mind. I’d love a shop, and one in Brick Lane would be a huge opportunity! As it goes, selling online is probably the safest option for a lot of awesome little sellers just like me!

The most galling thing though is that the programme did absolutely nothing to add value to this industry, I really didn’t like the way that selling was portrayed as buying “Junk” (as per the title of the episode) or that the industry is all about selling dodgy or broken stuff which has been painted up in order to charge an exorbitant amount for it. The voiceover consistently called the items “tat” or “junk” which actually, given the places they were buying from, just want really true.

As a seller I take a lot of pride in searching out and buying great and interesting items, in good condition. Focussing on a particular style or being able to find things which are a little different, spendingtime researching and finding undervalued items which I can sell on.Obviously, I want to make some money out of my endeavours to cover my time, but it’s also very much about finding great pieces and showing them to other people too!

You can watch the episode (if somehow it has passed you by as it did me!) if you’re in the UK, on BBC iPlayer.

This wallpaper is so wrong but oh so right… Oh and in case you missed it, you can visit my Etsy shop here! 😉


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