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Owling with Dodo and friends, Olney

When you’re looking for antiques and collectables, with so much varied stuff out there, you do end up coming back to some of your favourite shops again and again.

The good thing about it though is that, when you have a few shops you love and trust, you know that whenever you go back there will be lots of new bits and pieces to snoop through! The chances are, if you love a particular shop, then other people will too and they’ll make lots of sales, so it’s worth going back regularly for a look!

My primary focus is always on retro and design classics, but being more modern, these kinds of stores appear to have taken themselves online, and outside of the bigger cities there aren’t too many shops selling bits like that. But I have a real penchant for things which are a little off the wall, and in all honesty, with the wealth of history, there’s always something you can find in an antiques shop.

One of my favourite stores is Dodo Antiques in Olney, the owners Owain and Barry are friendly and clearly take great pride in how they set up their shop and display some of the lovely items they have there. The front room at the moment includes a huge dining table completely decked out ready for a banquet!

I loved the fabric used on this recently upholstered chair. The iridescent Art Nouveau style fabric really went well with it’s interesting shape.

Dodo tell me that this is a rare Arts & Crafts wing back chair, designed by Lennard Wyburd for Liberty. The frame is mahogany and is inlaid with copper, pewter and tropical woods. It’ll only set you back just under £5,000, shame I didn’t win the lottery last night…

I’m a big fan of Royal Copenhagen and Blue Tits, so I love this. Blue tits are awesome – aren’t they?

I’ve featured another poster similar to this one from Dodo before but public service advertising had such style back in the day!

I know that all of the shiny bits and pieces are in the well lit cabinets and look stonking, but ultimately I like to have a bit of a dig around in the quieter bits of shops, looking under furniture to see what I find. I loved the pattern on these plates and cup, not a full set but the colour was gorgeous. I’ve seen a lot of wedding blogs which feature mismatched tea sets as table decorations, candles or even acting as mini vases, and it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to find and collect your own fairly cheaply.

Last year I spent a lot of time finding vintage bud vases for my own wedding (with the help of my mum) which was such good fun and easy to do. But that’s for another post I think!

You can find out more about the lovely Dodo Antiques by visiting their website:


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