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Recent aquisitions…

Going to so many antiques fairs and shops has the happy by-product of unearthing a new treasure, which I sometimes keep and some times try sell on. I’ve tried selling using eBay before, but I’m not a complete convert to using it for these means yet, so I’m taking tiny steps to having my own little shop. It’s all a bit of an experiment at the moment till I find my niche and can begin to find awesome pieces.

However, over the past few weeks I’ve picked up a couple of bits, some of which are for me and some which will be appearing my my very own little Etsy shop in the very near future!

At the weekend we picked up this awesome vintage wooden letterpress tray which I love. It’s a bit beaten up but that adds to its charm and we’re treating the dry wood with lots of beeswax spray. It’s going to be used to display little bits and pieces in the house once we’ve mounted it to the wall. At the moment some of our type is sat in there alongside a Pete Fowler monster (the Janitor) and a cute little Japanese cat. You can find more of these on eBay.

I fell in love with these when I saw them on eBay. They were a hidden gem, but are beautiful and british made by a 1950s toy manufacturer called Gantoy, who also made lots of Muffin the Mule toys. The colours are gorgeous!

I came across this Suno tea and coffee set at Biggleswade Antiques Fair. It’s probably the best condition set I’ve ever come across with no scratches at all and the wood is perfect and has obviously been on display rather than being used. It comprises a teapot, coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl with a design on the side.

I’ve recently become a little obsessed with Catherineholm since spotting it at republic of Fritz Hansen, however the pieces go for an awful lot of money. At Peterborough Antiques fair I decided to keep my eye pen for enamelled kitchenware and I was very very pleased when I came across this fondue pan. I love the vibrant colour, and the pattern on the side, unfortunately it is just a transfer, but still looks really really striking.

I love the design on these Jersey pottery coasters and the fact that they are british, with a cool retro and mustard orange colour which has been hand screen printed makes me love them even more. They are quite “well loved” with a couple of chips around the edges but it doesn’t affect the fact that they are beautiful things.

Another patterned object but this time it’s Royal Worcester. I love the way the pattern repeats around the edge of the piece and is also followed through on the lid. The pattern isn’t perfect which I guess is again because it has been hand printed.


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