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Peterborough Antiques Fair

A really foggy morning yesterday didn’t make it exceptionally easy to get up and out of bed to get along to Peterborough Antiques fair, thankfully I was really excited to be going, so we set off  on the 45minute journey and arrived for 10am.

As we arrived it started to brighten up and yesterday afternoon was completely blissful, ice cream weather, and it was almost worth the £5 entry fee just to be out and about in the sunshine!

The fair itself was seriously huge, so it was impossible to take photos of all the amazing bits which I spotted and I’ll be splitting this post into two halves, but I did manage to hone in on a few key bits whichI hope you will like.

One of the first stalls which we came across had thousands of buttons, which had all been sorted into colours. This is the dream for my great-grandma’s button tin which I mentioned in a previous post, but I think we have some way to go before we are able to do this!

I love the face of this clock, and I saw a couple of similar ones. The problem is that they’re electric, and I cant imagine anyone wanting a long wire coming from their clock and going to a plug, it kind of takes away from the beauty of it somehow.

I’m becoming quite a fan of T.G. Green and it’s becoming really popular as 50s kitchenalia continues to be very popular. But I hadn’t seen this pattern before which is called “Roulette” the colours are great and these were in perfect condition. Unfortunately I saw these at the beginning of the day and they were £24 each so I didn’t want to spend all of my cash straight off!

Loved this little tin toy from West Germany with it’s bakelite (or plastic – I wasn’t sure) wings and tail. Unfortunately it didn’t come with a key so I couldn’t test it.

I found these awesome Stavangerflint things, of which there were 6. But I’m not entirely sure what they are? They seem to be like trivets to me, but with the hole at one end I cant be sure of that. Eitherway, there were 6 of them, all with the same design and they’re so iconic of Stavangerflint and the Norwegian and Scandinavian pottery in general.

A bit of research this morning has also turned up this amazing link about Inger Waage and Stavangerflint which is really really interesting. I hope you enjoy it, I can feel the beginnings of a Stavangerflint obsession coming on – I already have a Flamingo dish which I found at Nana Dobbie in Lostwithiel.

Now, I’ve had a bit of an issue with Antiques sellers before being slightly rude but I think this lady has gone to the top of my list. I went into her stall to look at the very cool retro canisters pictured above. I love their graphic designs and also the fact that they are ceramic; they were really bright and eyecatching.

Unfortunately this lady took objection to my taking photos at her stall, and asked me, “Are you buying or are you just taking photos?” in a particularly abrupt way. Now I stopped taking photos straight away (though I did come away with this one image) and I would have been happy to talk to her about buying these and how much they were (as they weren’t marked up either).

But as she was so rude I decided to take my money elsewhere. I did advise her I had a blog, and now here I am, saying that she was rude and not promoting her very well. To be honest I’ve never come across any issues with my taking photos before, some people have been a little puzzled and some of the older people havent really known what a blog is, but they’ve never refused me. So yep, unfortunately these are some beautiful objects that I sadly didn’t bring home with me.

To be continued…


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