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Owling in other people’s houses: The In-laws

Now that I’ve started owling about and visiting all sorts of places, I’ve found myself eyeing up objects in other people’s homes! It’s a habit which I wasn’t entirely sure of at first, I wasn’t entirely sure how people woud react to me eyeing up all their precious things. But actually you know it’s quite a nice voyage of discovery for all involved, I guess it’s nice to be able to show off something which has providence or a bit of family history. I guess that’s where Antiques Roadshow came from, it’s that personal history part which is really interesting.

So the other evening when I was at the in-laws, I couldn’t stop myself searching around for bits to show you, enjoy…

This Mack’s Ginger beer bottle currently lives in the in-laws kitchen however it was originally dug up by my father in law from a riverbed. It’s a lovely thing and in great condition (they were built very solidly!). Plus the typography and design on the front are lovely and really evocative.

This is just one side of my mother in  law’s Royal Doulton Bunnykins eggcup. It’s got some great illustration which even extends to the bottom of the piece. I don’t think its a particularly rare thing, nor is it particularly expensive, but it is collectable as seemingly many more people than just me love the illustration!

This is a lovely thing which has been sat in a cupboard for a long time so the silver is lacking a little of it’s shine, but I love the simpilicity of pieces like this, they’re ornate without being too showy and sit quietly waiting for their time to be used.

I love this midget dictionary which was only a couple of inches big, the cover has loads of type, a far cry from book covers seem to be nowadays with graphic covers and minimal text, which are lovely in their own way. I do believe that book covers are almost like poetry for graphic designers, they force the person to be succinct. But this doesn’t subscribe to that; I like the useful, utilitarian attitude that it evokes. I’ve found a similar one for sale online which says it was published in 1936, but this one is 1942.

My husband’s grandfather travelled a lot in the 50s for is work and also visited Africa, we found this guy in an the old suitcase along with a couple of other random pieces (dictionary above included) which was being kept in the dusty garage of my in-laws house. The Rhino is made of a single piece of wood and has been polished and finished so it has the most lovely tactile feel too it. you can also see from the picture the grain of the wood which is beautiful. We were lucky enough that the in-laws actually let us bring this guy home with us, and with a little beeswax he is looking healthy and has that lovely glow which wooden items have when they’ve had a bit of love 🙂


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