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Owling at home, Antique button box

Do you remember when clothes had more value? They were made specifically for you, or they cost a more but were well made?

Well I’ve been struggling, and I guess a lot of other people have been too as there’s been a surge in people buying vintage or making for themselves. I think it’s also something to do with the current climate and culture, we all want something unique and different, that says something a little bit about us.

So at the weekend I visited my mum (it was mother’s day afterall) and it felt pretty perfect when she suggested we look though my late great-grandmother’s button tin.

My great-grandma never threw anything away, she always removed buttons from items of clothing before using them as rags before ditching them, as a last resort. It was so much fun to search through thousands of buttons across different decades and try to find matching ones.

The buttons have been kept in the same old Trumpton tin for years and are quite dirty and dusty, so we cleaned quite a few!

I remember looking through them all when I was younger and literally spending hours pairing them up and trying to find sets of the same kind of button.

There were so many different kinds including bakelite, metal, jet, shell, glass and ceramic beads which with a little warm water and washing up liquid have scrubbed up really nicely.

Some of my favourites are these beautiful mother of pearl buttons and glass and plastic clear buttons which have been cut or moulded into different shapes. You dont get this level of fine detail in clothes anymore and its a real shame that we only ever get plastic buttons which dont even seem to be sewn on very well!

We also found a lot of metal and military buttons, including some from WW2.

There are loads more to sort and clean before they can be properly shown so I’ll be updating on this again soon!


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