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Antique owling, Biggleswade Antiques Fair

A yucky day yesterday weather-wise was made all the yuckier by the fact that I didn’t manage to get out and spot any antiques or vintage. Days like that are rubbish!

However today completely made up for it. To be honest, after our last trip to the Antiques fair in Woburn, I was quite disgruntled and disappointed; firstly at the service and unfriendliness of some of the people, and also by what was on offer. So I was very pleasantly surprised today to find how great Biggleswade Antiques Fair was. It must have been triple the size and full of lots of people really willing to speak to you about their wares. What a lovely morning!

I love this Newton Abbot honeypot, firstly, because Newton Abbot is close to where my grandparents used to live, and secondly just because it’s so sweet. I’d love to have bought this to sell on but I’m not really sure who’s in the market for a honeypot these days. Still the bee on the top is lovely.

I did buy a couple of Newton Abbot Pottery pieces last year for my wedding but they were vases and much more 70s in style, like this one I found on eBay.

This is a cool deco cat matchsitck holder and has a great style, but his face – which I wish I’d photographed – was really cute!

What a great trio, this was a lovely deco style teacup, saucer and side plate.

The cat picture was lovely but unfortunately was quite old and was full of thunderflies which had discoloured it. The tea (or coffee?) pot was lovely though with a cool but simple design on it in yellows and blues.

A great glass bowl, I’m not sure what era it was from but I was told that this was “Vaseline” glass, which is Victorian. However on a quick google I’d say that falls a little short of the mark,though I’m not entirely sure, Vaseline glass looks to have more of a green tint to me.

These beakers had a label on them saying “Murano?” and they really dont look like it to me. I’ve noticed that I’m being swayed more and more by glass, especially coloured glass and I’d have loved to buy these but for £40 and something that’s probably not Murano doesn’t seem quite right.

Because it was such a huge fair I’m going to split some other items into a second post, to be continued!


3 comments on “Antique owling, Biggleswade Antiques Fair

  1. mirrorwithamemory
    March 19, 2012

    Great finds! Your bowl is called moonstone glass, or more generally, opalescent glass. It’s American, possibly made by Anchor-Hocking. It’s categorized as depression glass because it was made sometime between the 1920s and 1950s. Vaseline glass, on the other hand, is almost always a vibrant yellow or green because it has uranium oxide in it. Hope this helps to solve your mystery!

  2. antiqueowl
    March 19, 2012

    Hi Mirrorwithamemory! Thanks so much for the excellent comment, it’s so interesting to find out more about an object like this (especially if the dealers are selling it all wrong!) I love your blog by the way, it’s beautiful stuff, would you mind if i added you to my blogroll?

    Again thanks and please dont hesitate to get in touch again!

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