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Antique owl selling experiment

I’ve been seriously considering for some time now my options when it comes to becoming a purveyor of mid-century and kitsch vintage stuff, to try and decide whether I could actually use what I love doing as a hobby and turn it into a viable source of cash.

I’ve had to change the way I think about things, turning my usual “ooh, I love that” into something more like, “I love that and hopefully other people will like it too and want to buy it from me”. It’s a difficult one, reconciling your sense of taste and aesthetics with what you think other people want to buy, and what people will pay money for.

I’ve also got to make a decision about how I’m going to sell my wares, eBay seems the obvious first choice as I’ve bought and sold loads of items through them before, but I think I need to spend a little longer building up my stock and getting some kind of branding in place before I let loose as an eBay seller so that people take me seriously. I’m quite a way of being able to do that just yet!

The other thing is that eBay as a medium doesn’t entirely do justice to the items! When you’re dealing with such beautiful things you really need to be able to pick them up and discover them for yourself, so a shop with some rich media, like video, might be better.

The other options are to literally book a table at an antiques fair, or rent some space in a store, but again I need to have a stock of items if I’m going to do that and also do some research on where I’m going to put items for sale.

I’ve discovered already that if I want to get into this game, antiques shops and fairs aren’t the places to buy – the sellers are more savvy than me at the moment and less likely to haggle. So I need to concentrate on flea markets and boot sales. Thankfully we’re coming into Boot Sale season so I know what I’ll be up to over the next few months!

I did however get a good deal on a couple of pieces when we were in Woburn at the weekend, as such I’ve decided to do a little experiment with a couple of pieces which I bought this weekend. I love them, and I hope that other people will love them too, so I’m going to list them on eBay and see whether I can make a profit by doing what I love. I’m not telling you what I paid for them, but I’ll update you once they’ve sold!

People who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will have already seen a sneak preview, and one of the objects was included in my last blog post. But here they are, in all their glory!

I found this set of four glass coasters which are by a Finnish glass design house called Nuutajarvi Notsjjo. They were designed in 1964, and are part of a range called Kastehelmi which means dewdrop in Finnish. Its the perfect name for these which have little glass beads on the underside which really catch the light and look like water close up!

There are four of these, all but one feature the original makers sticker, and they are all in perfect condition with no cracks or chips to the glass beads.

I also picked up this really cool little 1930s bakelite (so I’m told)  telescopic travel cup. It’s such a cute little thing which is in great condition with no cracks or chips. I can completely imagine someone sat on a train off on an extremely glamorous journey taking this along with them for a little nip! The colour is great as well and hopefully would appeal to people who are into 1950s.

Once these are listed I will post again and let you know how they are doing.


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