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Antique owling in Woburn, Beds

What a glorious day today was! All I’ve seen on Twitter are amazing pictures that people have taken of themselves outdoors on bikes, eating ice creams, generally having a lovely time. There were certainly a lot of people out and about when we ventured across county to Woburn.

We had heard that there was an antiques fair there today, and also know a couple of other good antiques shops in the vicinity, so decided to go and have a look.

The antiques fair is small and takes place in the town hall on the second Sunday of every month. They have a range of different bits and it varies dramatically – there was certainly a lot of war and military paraphernalia which doesn’t really interest me, however we did find a few bits.

As you will have seen myself and my husband like to collect records, so we’re always happy when there is a dusty box in a charity shop or market, we can spend hours going through them all. Today though, Stephen picked out six singles which we were keen on getting but not desperate.

He asked the guy how much he wanted for them – according to what they were marked up as they should have cost £8. The man there, who had been quite frosty as it was, told him that they were £7.50. When Stephen asked if he would take £6.00 the guy said no as he’d already knocked 50p off them (generous!).

It was a bit odd though as he then physically took the records them out of Stephen’s hands and put them back in the box! Stephen just thought he was entering into a negotiation but there was no bending in the slightest with this guy!

It was rude and a little bit shocking to be treated like that, Stephen wasn’t happy so we decided not to buy anything from him at all.

I’m afraid to say that unfortunately, I’ve noticed a fair bit of this at antiques shops and markets so far. Unbendable people unwilling to think about talking to you, I’m not sure why that is, perhaps as its quite a closed community, and I have to say mid-century and vintage sellers dont seem to be the same.

Anyway, its annoying as we knew exactly what those vinyl were worth – less than he wanted for them! Shame too, as this guy was also selling this nice duck tray, which I was quite taken with…

I did pick up a couple of other pieces from a nice seller who helped me to find some smaller bits and was keen to do a deal. I am hoping to use these as my first forays into becoming a seller. That’s for another post – but here’s a sneak peek…

We didn’t spend long at the fair, and ventured in search of a parking space to have a nose around Woburn town, expecially Town Hall Antiques, which looked lovely in the sunshine.

We loved this chrome soda syphon which, in red made a really striking piece.

At £20 that seemed like a good buy, love the idea of having a fully stocked drinking cabinet with this bad boy in it.

I’m a stickler for any ceramic figure which seems to look out of the cabinet longingly at me. This guy, Bonzo, by Crown Devon pottery, did just that, even if he was in a sickly green colour, he appealed to my sense of kitsch.

This was an ex museum display, and included loads of birds in an absolutely huge case. The colours on the birds were still good, although they look a little dusty here.

Loved this novelty No Puffin plate, it says that it’s by Dennis something, but unfortunately I’m not sure how old it is! In my head it was once the property of some friendly pub landloards in the wilds somewhere with a wicked sense of humour – but that might just be me!


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