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Vintage and charity shop owling, Bedford town centre

At the weekend we decided to take a look at what is available on our doorstep. Living 10 mins walk from the centre of Bedford, I’m ashamed to admit we rarely venture into town. Bedford has had a rough couple of years, lots of shops have closed including Woolworths which left a big gaping hole, but that’s recently been replaced with the worlds largest Next store, so it feels as though it might be getting back on it’s feet again.

One of the interesting side-effects of the shops closing is that a lot of charity shops have opened up, I guess the rents must be lower than they were, so for owling purposes it’s worth a look, although some shops are better than others. It’s also lead to a couple more unusual independents popping up.

We started by popping into Coolhaus which is on our way, they specialise in upholsery and also in mid-century pieces, and although they dont have a huge range  they had a few really nice bits.

The interior of Coolhaus had a few cool bits and a roaring fireplace below this mantlepiece just out of view! Their website is a little rubbish, so you’re best of finding them on Facebook if you want more information about what they do.

This was a cute sunburst clock which seemed to be in good working order. Love the numbers on this one!

We spent the morning looking at G-Plan sideboards on eBay so it was nice to see this one, will keep looking for a while though as £265 is a little expensive for us! We also saw that they had a battered looking Besley filing cabinet, and they’re going to text me and let me know how much they want for it, yay!

From there we took a walk close to the centre and stopped by a little hidden away store called Rose-tinted Vintage which mostly sells vintage clothing but also had a few little mid-century and kitsch pieces.

I managed to pick up a couple of bits which I’m really pleased with, the first is a really kitsch Chicken and Cheese pie dish which is gorgeous, I love the design and the font on it!

Now Rose-tinted works by getting a lot of sellers together as a kind of collective to sell things from the one store, a little like a traditional antique store, and this particular piece was sold by a store called 4th Time Around who you can also find on Facebook. I guess it’s easier to use Facebook as a small business nowadays…

I also picked up this single plate for just £1.50 and it’s really lovely, I have a few old cake plates which we use when we are feeling a little bit genteel.

Its made by Ridgeway and I think it’s called Park Lane. I dont really mind as I like mismatching things when they’re monochrome. But here’s the stamp…

They also had this pretty wooden posy vase which matches an ice bucket which we have at home, I thought about buying it, but then saw this…

It’s a little difficult to tell but what you cant see is that they want £5 for the vase, however they’ve made the mistake of leaving another label saying £2.50 on it, so you can see what markup 4th Time Around have put on it. They probably want to watch that if they’re going to make more sales!

After a bit of lunch we wandered back via some of the charity shops, they were pretty hit and miss but the Oxfam store on the High Street is probably the best of the lot.

The best of the lot were by far these gorgeous pink glass beakers, at £15.99 for 6 that seemed like a great deal.

I left them though, as it was more money than we were planning to spend today.

So that’s todays trip, a couple of good buys, a couple of cool things left behind. And one mad but brilliant eggcup, bye!


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