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Yellow 1950s ceramics

I’ve mentioned before that I’m everso slightly obsessed with yellow 1950’s ceramics in pretty much all forms. In my post about Nana Dobbie in Lostwithiel I posted a picture of the awesome 1950s Norwegian Stavangerflint dish which I managed to pick up…

But I’ve also got a couple more items here at home which I wanted to show you!

I moved in with my husband about 4 years ago and when we were decking out our flat I remember spending a fair amount of time searching for bits and pieces on eBay. It was at this point that I found this absolutely beautiful yellow 1950s ceramic clock. The face is white and the triangle is yellow with the edges again in white. I think it’s the mixture of white and yellow which is so nice, fresh and so very 1950s!

I think we were exceptionally lucky to find this as it was in great condition with no chips or grazes, the cover glass completely fine, the brass was a little dirty but nothing that a spot of Brasso couldn’t knock into shape!

It is in fully working order and the mechanism lasts for around a day (24 hours). It was obviously a good quality thing in it’s time.

We were so taken with this clock that we have tried very hard to find out some information about Junghans or about the mysterious code on the back of the clock: 19/5260. But so far we have failed to find anything like it. There are similar clocks such as this one which I’ve just found going on eBay for nearly £50…

We’ve also seen similar Junghan clocks which go for upwards of £500 and were designed by famous designer called Max Bills, such as this one:

But the hands and number font are different to ours, and we’ve never seen one quite like it!

Last but by no means least, is my T.G. Green’s mixing bowl which my mum actually bought me when we moved into our second flat. She has a similar one which she has had for years but which looks like this…

It’s such an amazing thing, really heavy so it doesn’t move around the worktop like modern plastic or pyrex bowls, you could literally kill someone with it. This website has lots more information.

The one which she bought me is slightly different, being yellow and white ceramic, plus it has a tilt balance which means that if you are mixing by hand you can easily tilt  the bowl on the worktop, which makes it really easy to use – especially if you like making cakes and sponges!

I love the fact that this is yellow on the inside and white on the outside, as you generally see the inside more!

This is the balance, so you use this to tilt the bowl on the worktop and it just stays there perfectly weighted – like magic!

Finally, this is a close up image of the Greens logo on the bottom of the bowl.


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