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Antiques shop owling in Ampthill, Beds

I grew up in Bedfordshire and went to school in Ampthill, but I never remembered it being quite so quaint as it seems to me now. I’d also forgotten that the town is home to numerous antiques shops, so I took my big old owley eyes out for a look.

I took in the three floored Antiques Emporium as well as another store called Lawson and Lee which was pretty hit and miss, more of which later. These were the great bits that we found at the Antiques Emporium:

Some more Russian ceramic figures, now that we have Fedor I’m starting to see more of these but none are as cute as Fedor is!

This guy was a cutie!

As you will have seen from my previous posts, I have a bit of a connection with Cornwall, so love seeing bits of locally produced stuff. I’m not usually into glass as much as ceramics but these Liskeard glass vases are a great colour and really tactile shape. At £25 each though they are fairly steep for me!

Tin signs can be a great source of vintage typography and this sign is a good example, though I dont really agree with owning something like this if it doesn’t have a specific connection to you as a person and your own personal history. Plus they’re bloody expensive just to have kicking around the place.

The bones though are really cool, and it’s especially nice to see them all hanging together like this.

What a shame, these guys have been cooped up in this dusty glass case for who knows how long. The grass is old and brittle and they look like they can’t bear to open their big owl eyes. My kin, I feel so bad for you. But you were too expensive to release!

Am a bit obsessed with a few things, lamps, lampshades, fabric, typography, and clocks. This is a great mantle clock with an 8 day mechanism.

I love love love this clock! It’s bakelite and includes a great graphic fish design with a blue face and red second-hand. If anyone out there knows the band British Sea Power I cant help but think that this is them in clock form. At £160 it was a bit too steep but I’ve been obsessing over it since coming home, and this is getting a lot of love on Instagram.

Liking the design on this box for Zebra Paste Grate Polish, but I cant tell you anything about it I’m afraid. I’m not sure but I think it might be reproduction…

Love the vintage, Scandinavian-ish design on this set. The colours are great.

I’ve seen a few of these Chad Valley money boxes and I love them but they are usually very battered and bruised. This one fitted together perfectly and also came with it’s key, again, rare in my experience.

Last but by no means least, we very very nearly came away with this neo art deco kettle by Oliver Hemming. It’s such a beautiful thing that I’m determined to find out more about him as a designer. NOTE: apparently this was designed back int he early 80s and though we have seen plugged versions elsewhere online this is the only hob version that I can find in this shape.


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