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Charity and antiques shop owling in Olney, Bucks

There are quite a few quaint little towns/villages close to where I live which are home to some great charity and antiques shops. Perfect for a spot of Sunday afternoon owling.

One of my favourites is Olney in Buckinghamshire, which is also home to some interesting little independent shops, but they tend to cater for slightly more middle of the road tastes than really interest me, they are quite good for gifts though. Olney is also home to one of the best delis ever and an Oxfam bookshop which also houses a small collection of records.

We recently went for all day breakfast and indulged in some snooping around, this is what I found…

I found this Hornsea, Bronte biscuit barel in a charity shop which actually had a number of beautiful things. At just £10 this seemed like a bargain as the lid is still the original and it is in perfect condition. The design is great, a light bluish green colour and it has a perfect retro feel. You can currently find a lot of this style on eBay.

I feel in love with this guy because of the insanely cute look on his little face, I was also intriegued as he is from the USSR. I dont know much about Russian ceramic figures, but I have seen a couple of similar pieces since so I think this might be the start of an obsession!

I have decided to call him Fedor and he currently resides under the heat of the Anglepoise on our sideboard. Look at his little face!

Fedor came from the Antiques Centre at Olney. I’m thinking of taking a cabinet there, I’ll let you know how that turns out!

I’m obsessed with typographic posters (though a bit done with Keep Calm, thankyouverymuch) and this is a great example. The colours and slogan are great “Use BLOCK LETTERS for telegrams” and it’s framed too, from Dodo Antiques.

At £200 this is out of my price range but there is no doubt that it’s a beautiful thing. I wish I had cause or occasion for such a thing! Art deco is the type of thing which I think is universally adored as it’s so simple but hugely glamorous. (Dodo Antiques again).

Some strange but brilliant Taxidermy at Dodo Antiques. Its a bit of a wierd one Taxidermy, and I understand why people wouldnt be up for it, but when you find some animals which have really lovingly been taxidermy-ed and are in good condition, it can be brilliant. I always feel sorry for lonely looking taxidermy in glass cases with dusty old branches and grasses – let them be free!

An awesome set of chairs with such a great wooden arm detail, which I think had been recently re-upholstered as they were in such good condition. Moulded and bent wood is one of the best things ever in my opinion and this is a great example.

I always vere towards kitsch and these are some great examples. I love Babycham glasses and have a large collection which I rescued from my Grandma’s house after she passed away, they all have different deer designs on which I am lead to believe represent the brand changes that happened throughout the years, perhaps that’s worth a blog! The pineapple ice bucket is also awesome and is definitely on my list of must haves.


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